Karen Brazell, M.Ed.

Mediation and Relationship Support


Mediation Services

  • For prenuptial, divorce, child support, custody, and visitation agreements
  • For parenting (and step parenting) education, and for creation of detailed parenting plans
  • To formally or informally create, preserve, or dissolve personal, marital, and business relationships
  • For coaching or training in communication skills building and team building
  • For resolving landlord/tenant or other civil issues

As a third party mediator, skilled in alternative dispute resolution, I have honed the skills to empower parties in verbal communication and written agreements that are basic to proactive, peaceful and productive solutions for personal or business issues.

Parenting Support

As a parent educator, I work with families and parents who need to negotiate and create detailed parenting plans to reduce tension among custodial parents, non-custodial parents, step parents, and children. These parenting plans may be integrated into custody and visitation agreements for court orders. I also offer private or group parenting classes.

Affordable and compassionate mediation, marital/parenting support, personal coaching, and professional development in the Sarasota - Bradenton area.

Picture of Karen Brazell, Mediator. Bradenton, Florida

Karen Brazell, M.Ed., Mediator
Parenting Specialist & Trainer

Removing barriers to peaceful solutions for personal and workplace relationships

Personal Coaching

If you have a self-improvement goal and need support for a written action plan with accountability, I offer individual coaching on communication, negotiation, and action planning skills that are useful in your personal life or workplace.

Professional Development

Do you have workplace conflicts among employees that interfere with productivity and satisfaction and general morale? Bring in a trainer for a professional development session and notice what happens to some of these long standing and subversive conflict situations.

My trainings are humorous, yet filled with important written and oral skills building and opportunities to practice skills.